A complete 16 sample rare earth element set beautifully arranged in a latching case.  All the samples come in 5/8 dram vials and can be easily removed for viewing.  The set includes the following: Scandium high purity cut dendritic metal pieces, 0.25g, 99.999% purity.  Yttrium chunks, 3g, 99.9% purity.  Lanthanum chunks under oil, 2g, 99.9% purity.  Cerium chunks under oil,1g, 99% purity.  Praseodymium chunks under oil, 1g, 99.5% purity.  Neodymium chunks under oil, 1g, 99.5% purity.  Samarium chunks under oil, 3g, 99.99% purity.  Europium chunks under oil, 1g, 99.9% purity.  Gadolinium chunks, 1g, 99.95% purity.  Terbium chunks, 1g, 99.95% purity.  Dysprosium chunks, 1g, 99.95% purity.  Holmium chunks, 1g, 99.9% purity.  Erbium chunks, 1g, 99.95% purity.  Thulium dendritic pieces, 1g, 99.95% purity.  Ytterbium chunks, 3g, 99.99% purity.  Lutetium chunks, 1g, 99.99% purity.  The rare earth metals can be very expensive!  This is your chance to get them all in one place and nicely displayed.

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