A complete 82 sample element set.  Some people can spend years collecting the elements but here's your chance to get almost every collectable element in one shot!  The set is beautifully arranged in the shape of the periodic table and comes in a locking case.  The set contains most of the samples I currently offer which will fit in the small 5/8 dram vials.  Most samples range from 1g to 5g with some completely filling the vials.  Samples of the platinum group metals as well as some of the other precious metals are less than 1g.  Unobtainium elements like Protactinium, Francium, etc are clearly marked with labels in their corresponding spots on the periodic table.  A lot of work goes into these sets and I think the price is very fair compared to the other smaller sets out there which include less samples.  These sets are beautiful and would make a great gift or teaching aid for educational purposes in the classroom.  These sets are fully customizable.  If you've already bought a few samples from me, I can work with you to build you a custom set.  Other allotropes of some of the elements are available as well and can be substituted upon request.  Larger quantities or different forms of the elements can be substituted as well.  Please see the list below for what's offered in this current set.  Sorry no international shipping (International buyers, your order will be cancelled if it contains this item or any one of the following: Arsenic, Cesium, Chlorine, Bromine, Gallium, Lithium, Mercury, Potassium, Rubidium, Sodium, Thallium, Thorium, Uranium, Amorphous Phosphorus or White Phosphorus)


Periodic Element Set – Sample List


Arsenic – 2g crystalline lumps, Purity: 99.08%

Thallium – 1g cut pieces, Purity: 99.99%

Mercury – 1g, Purity: 99.9999%

Gallium – 2g, Purity: 99.99%

Boron – 1g amorphous powder, Purity: 98%

Silver – 2g pellets, Purity: 99.9%

Zirconium – 1.3g Pellet, Purity: 99.9%

Lead – 1.1g X-ray foil, Purity: 99.9%

Iridium – 0.05g Pellet Pieces, Purity: 99.94%

Osmium – 0.05g Pellet Pieces, Purity: 99.9%

Germanium – 2g Fractured chunks, Purity: 99.999%

Bismuth – 10g Pellets, Purity: 99.99%

Cesium – 15mg Micro ampoule, Purity: 99.99%

Rubidium – 10mg Micro ampoule, Purity: 99.99%

Chromium – 5g Chunks, Purity: 99.8%

Copper – 10g cut pieces, Purity: 99.99%

Indium – 2g cut pieces, Purity: 99.99%

Sulfur: 2g crystals, Purity: 99.9%

Phosphorus – 1.5g Amorphous powder, Purity: 98.8%

Selenium – 5g Shot, Purity: 99.99%

Carbon – 0.15g Graphene Nanoplatelets

Vanadium – 2g Crystals, Purity: 99.9%

Beryllium - ~1cm2 X-ray window pieces, Purity: 99.9%

Scandium – 0.5g Crystalline Pieces, Purity: 99.999%

Molybdenum – 10g pellets, Purity: 99.98%

Titanium – 3.3g Crystals, Purity: 99.5%

Tantalum – 0.4g sheet, Purity: 99.95%

Tungsten – 0.9g mini rod, Purity: 99.95%

Cobalt – 5g electrolytic chips, Purity: 99.98%

Aluminum – 2.5g pellets, Purity: 99.5%

Manganese – 5g electrolytic chips, Purity: 99.9%

Magnesium – 1g distilled crystals, Purity: 99.99%

Tin – 7g pellets, Purity: 99.995%

Zinc – 2g Strips, Purity: 99.9%

Cadmium – 5g cut pieces, Purity: 99.99%+

Iron – 5g electrolytic chips, Purity: 99.98%

Rhodium – Wire 10mmL x 0.25mm D, Purity: 99.96%

Gold – 23.04cm2 foil, Purity: 99.99%

Platinum – 32cm2 foil, Purity: 99.9%

Lithium – 0.4g Pellets, Purity: 99.9%

Erbium – 1g Cut Pieces, Purity: 99.9%

Gadolinium – 1g Cut Pieces, Purity: 99.95%

Dysprosium – 1g Piece, Purity: 99.95%

Silicon – 2g Monocrystalline fractured chunks, Purity: 99.99%

Nickel – 5.5g Cut pieces, Purity: 99.98%

Rhenium – 1.6g Sintered bar piece, Purity: 99.99%

Niobium – 2g Tubes, Purity: 99%

Ytterbium – 2g dendritic pieces, Purity: 99.99%

Lutetium – 1g chunks, Purity: 99.95%

Radium – 3 vintage Ra painted luminous watch hands, Purity: Trace

Sodium – 1g cut pieces, Purity: 99.8%

Potassium – 1g cut pieces, Purity: 99%

Calcium – 1g cut dendritic pieces, Purity: 99.87%

Barium – 2g cut pieces, Purity: 99.6%

Strontium – 1g cut dendritic pieces, Purity: 99%

Iodine – 2g pellets, Purity: 99.9%

Praseodymium – 1g cut pieces, Purity: 99.5%

Neodymium – 1g cut pieces, Purity: 99.5%

Cerium – 1g cut pieces, Purity: 99%

Lanthanum – 2g cut pieces, Purity: 99.9%

Europium – 1g cut dendritic pieces, Purity: 99.998%

Terbium – 1g chunks, Purity: 99.95%

Thulium – 1g dendritic pieces, Purity: 99.95%

Holmium – 1g chunks, Purity: 99.9%

Yttrium – 1g chunks, Purity: 99.9%

Fluorine – 4g as rainbow Fluorite (CaF2), Purity: Trace

Ruthenium - .42g chunks, Purity: 99.95%+

Palladium - 32cm2 foil, Purity: 99.9%

Tellurium – 5g fractured chunks, Purity: 99.99%

Hafnium – 1g melted pellet pieces, Purity: 99.9%

Samarium – 3g dendritic pieces, Purity: 99.99%

Antimony – 5g fractured chunks, Purity: 99.99%

Hydrogen – gas ampoule, Purity: 99%+

Oxygen – gas ampoule, Purity: 99%+

Nitrogen – gas ampoule, Purity: 99%+

Chlorine – gas ampoule, Purity: 99%+

Helium – gas ampoule, Purity: 99%+

Neon – gas ampoule, Purity: 99%+

Argon – gas ampoule, Purity: 99%+

Krypton – gas ampoule, Purity: 99%+

Xenon – gas ampoule, Purity: 99%+

Bromine – ~0.5ml in sealed ampoule, Purity: 99%



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