A complete 8 sample precious metals element set beautifully arranged in a latching case.  All the samples come in 5/8 dram vials and can be easily removed for viewing.  The set includes the following: Ruthenium, broken pellet pieces, .05g, 99.95%+ purity. Rhodium, 0.1g pellet pieces, 99.9% purity.  Palladium foil, 32cm2 99.9% purity.  Silver pellets, 4g, 99.9% purity.  Osmium, broken pellet pieces, 0.05g, 99.999% purity. Iridium, mini cylinder, 0.05g, 99.9% purity.  Platinum foil, 32cm2, 99.9% purity.  Gold foil, 23.04cm2, 99.99% purity.  Samples of the precious metals, including the platinum group metals, can cost several hundred dollars when purchased individually.  This is your chance to get them all in one place and nicely displayed.

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