A 23+g sample of Zirconium metal in the form of a nuclear fuel rod tube.  The tubes measure about 7.6" long and weigh over 23g each.  The tubes are hollow as can be seen from the photos and you will receive one with each purchase.  Length and weight will vary slightly from tube to tube.  An exotic sample of Zirconium, these tubes are rare and made of extremely pure Zr (no detectable Hafnium).  Nuclear grade Zirconium also known as Zircalloy, must be almost completely free of Hf.  Hf has a neutron cross-absorption of 600x that of Zr.  This means that it will absorb neutrons, hindering a nuclear reaction, which is why it cant be present in Zr used for nuclear applications like this.  Commercial grade Zr contains about 1-5% Hf which is very difficult to remove due to Hf and Zr sharing many of the same chemical and physical properties.  Tubes like this originally cost a lot of money.  XRF analysis of these tubes reveal the following content: Zr 98.48%, Hf none detected, Fe 0.43%, Ni .03%, Nb .94%.  Note the Nb content, these tubes originate from Russia.  US made fuel rod tubes would contain about 1% Sn in place of Nb.  These tubes contain no radioactive material and are completely nonradioactive.   I have much longer tubes available as well but these will cost more to ship in an oversize package.  Please let me know if you're interested.

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